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News in Brief

Pharmaton®, sponsor of One Planet One Ocean for the Barcelona World Race

Pharmaton®, a leading brand in vitamin supplements, sponsors One Planet One Ocean, boosting the firm's commitment to health and sport. The official team presentation will take place in Barcelona on the 18th of September. Following a comprehensive refit for the yacht, Aleix Gelabert and Dídac Costa will... More
News in Brief

Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam at the start of the Barcelona World Race

Switzerland’s Bernard Stamm and France’s Jean Le Cam have hardly stopped over the past few months, busily putting their new project into place: to take part in the third edition of the Barcelona World Race. Logics and circumstances have brought them together and now these long time rivals join forces... More
News in Brief

The Ambrose Light team get to work on the race management of the Barcelona World Race

Highly-experienced Jacques Caraës will head up the racing management for the first time for this event and will be joined by Guillaume Evrard and Hubert Lemonnier, who are entering their second editions of the race. The agency's director, Denis Horeau, will be Race Management Coordinator.  More